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To see an eagle fly

I remember well that afternoon when Mira knelt to pray 

“Dear Lord, I yield to you my life, please wash my sins away 

I haven’t much to offer you, my life seems all in vain” 

She knew little of His promises, the riches she would gain. 


Her downcast eyes showed little hope as I opened up God’s word 

“I wish that I was clean again,” was the whisper that I heard. 

The first promise she ever read was recorded there within 

‘He’s faithful and just to forgive us and to cleanse us from all sin’. 


The days passed on and I watched with joy as she began her walk 

A new creation was evident, in attitude and talk 

To serve the Lord was her desire, to truly run the race 

And I had the honour to mentor her as she eagerly sought His face. 


She was never truly satisfied with scattered crumbs and seeds 

With serendipity preaching that seldom meets one’s needs 

She longed for more than chicken seed to feed her hungry soul 

So feasted on His written word as the Spirit took control. 


She drank deep of the water that keeps our souls from sin 

That washes away our worldly dross, revealing Christ within 

To be ‘gloriously different’ was the goal to which she’d aspire 

So fellowshipped with others, who’d been touched by heavenly fire. 


Soon my ‘little chicken’ rose up above the rest 

And set her sights on heavenly things, hungry for God’s best 

Rising on the Spirit’s wings, she’s reaching for the sky 

Can there be a greater joy than to watch an eagle fly? 


Lord Jesus, keep her close to you, abiding every hour 

And use her for your glory, anointed with your power 

And as she soars on eagle’s wings, my prayer shall always be 

Thank you Lord for this precious gift that you have given to me. 

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