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Riches of my Inheritance

Some men spend all their waking hours in planning for the future 

They scan financial papers, waiting for investments to mature 

But I want to boast and tell you of the riches in my life 

Greater far than all their wealth – I’ve three daughters and a wife. 


My wife keeps showing her love for me in many varied ways 

It’s easy for me to love her too, I’ll do it all my days 

To mature with her into ripe old age is my investment plan 

The diamond in my treasure chest - my faithful sweetheart Anne. 


Precious gifts come in little packets – or so they often say 

Corinne, our oldest daughter, sure seems to be made that way 

There are deep seams of compassion, for frail sheep of the fold 

And I’m so proud of my precious girl with her heart of solid gold. 


Our second child was Oh so shy when she was very young 

You’d hardly get a word from her – ‘twas as if she’d lost her tongue 

But now to our amazement, Andrea leads others into light 

In speaking of her Saviour, she shines as an emerald bright. 


Lynette is never short of friends, companions she has many 

Quick of wit and sharp in mind, she knows how to make a penny 

To see the skill with which she works causes me much wonder 

She is my glowing sapphire stone, polished deep down under. 


Of these my precious daughters a unique thing I can say 

I married two of the three of them, and I gave them all away 

To Terry, Rob and Phil they went, raising high my stocks 

Foundations in my daughters’ lives – priceless amethyst rocks. 


Soon they began to multiply and bring me further wealth 

Nine grandchildren now are mine with sound minds and good health 

Between them there’s a balance - four boys and five girls 

They give such joy when I think of them, my precious string of pearls. 


But as I look in my treasure chest I see a grand display 

Of other sons and daughters the Lord has brought my way 

O what a privileged man I am that so many call me Dad 

And let me sow into their lives – such riches make me glad. 


Thank you Lord for all this wealth that you have poured on me 

For every day and in every way your favour I can see 

So in response from this overwhelmed heart, this thing I’ll daily do 

Bring all these riches to your feet that they might honour you. 

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