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I was recently invited to contribute to an on-line forum regarding the ‘deeper life’. I contributed several brief articles with the expectation that others would ‘follow-on’ with relevant comments and additional thoughts. Indeed some did – but very few. Am I to believe that the topic is of such little interest to many of my on-line readers, or were my comments not to their liking or understanding? Some of the comments revealed to me that many people do not have a clear understanding of the deeper life though they claim to walk it.


We desperately need preachers and teachers who will not compromise in speaking of the riches of the deeper life in Christ, available to all who would follow after the Lord and attainable to all who would make the Word of God their standard, enabled by the Holy Spirit. The “Promised land” of God is just across the water but only those who are dissatisfied with the wilderness will ever enter in. We have become so accustomed to the subnormal life in the wilderness that we have lost sight of the land for which God delivered us out of Egypt!


Elsewhere on my web you can read some of my teachings at that forum. – The Deeper Life.

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