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John’s Measuring Rod

1 John 2: 12-14

The apostle John on Patmos Isle, wrote letters to his friends, So they might know assurance and the joy that never ends.

Also, within this teaching, he gave a measuring rod

By which we can quite easily gauge our ongoing walk with God.

Our journey starts as “little children” dependant on a Father’s love; A requisite1 if we would see the kingdom from above.

At Calvary’s cross, with penitence, we sinners all must gather, If we would know our sins forgiven and come to call Him Father.

The attribute of child-likeness is pleasing in God’s sight2

Dependency, transparency, and a youthful appetite;

But childishness and pouting lips bring a frown upon His face. He expects us to grow up daily, to mature in His grace.

Upon this gauge, the goal of life is to know Him who’s from the beginning; Full revelation of Himself, but now hidden by our sinning. He longs to make His glory known to the people of His heart, But will not grant this blessing unless we have done our part.

John calls those “fathers” who’ve come to know such glorious revelation Of God their peace, their hope, their joy, light to every nation;

Their Saviour, Healer, Sanctifier, their Supplier, and their King.

These truths burn deep within their souls, this hope now makes them sing.

But before one scales those glorious heights to know God in this way,

We must face the struggle of being “young men”, warring every day, To overcome the evil one not slacking in the fight; The Word abiding in us as we wrestle in His might.

It’s by His word I know the truths that can daily set me free To walk the road to knowing Him, as He reveals Himself to me. I overcome by the Spirit within equipping me each hour, To run the race set before me, dependent on His power.

“O Lord I long with all my heart to see your smiling face And hear you say, ‘Well done, my child’ as I conclude my race.

But now each day I’ll fight the fight, wielding my sword, Your Word

Until I see you face to face and worship you, My Lord.”   


  1. John 3:3

  2. Matthew 18:4

These are not sexist titles nor chronological ages – they are for all believers.  Sadly, many believers stay as little children (childish) all their lives and never learn to be overcomers.  God will not (cannot) reveal Himself fully to them as He knows their ‘name’ (Ex 33:17)

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G.Evans 2007

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