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I once stayed for several weeks at the home of a special couple in Cardiff, Wales. Their two daughters hosted a prayer meeting each week at their home. It was known as Daniel’s Prayer Group and consisted of many children! These were as young as 5 years old but they had learned to pray expecting (and receiving) answers to their prayers. Many were the testimonies they could give and many were the adults who thanked God for them and their prayers.


I have been reading lately of some of the ‘saints’ and have been interested to see how many came to faith while still a child. Indeed, my own wife clearly remembers giving her heart and life to the Lord at the age of 9. My beef is this – why do we so often give our children books to read and crayons to colour with rather than letting them hear the preached word? Certainly, when I preach, I try to use illustrations that any child could understand. Children can surely understand spiritual truths when enlightened by the Holy Spirit, just as clearly as many of their parents.


Further, I understand that prior to the Saskatoon revival of 1971, much prayer was offered both at adult prayer meetings and at children’s prayer meetings. I challenge our children’s workers to consider engaging them in meaningful prayer. I am aware this might cause some embarrassment to the worker!!

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