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I remember well those early years when first I knew the Lord And those who lit a fire in me by teaching me His word.

Their passion was contagious as God's glory shone within Challenging me to a holy life with victory over sin. I heard their words and watched their lives and yearned to be the same, That my days would be spent like theirs bringing glory to His name. The flame they lit has ne'er gone out so now my prayer must be 'O Lord, may my life be like theirs – fuel for eternity'.

Past fifty years I've walked this road and come to know Him more,

Basked in the sunshine of His love – and felt the pain He bore He's taken me to mountain-tops, His glory there to see And also to deep valleys that forced me to my knee.

But still the passion in my soul has caused my heart to sing And live above this mundane world in allegiance to the king.

Through trials and testings, many blessings, He is discipling me 'O Lord, may my life be well refined – fuel for eternity'.

Over the years I've gathered a store of wonderful memories

Of events and places and ministry times both here and across the seas But the greatest treasures this earth can afford are friends and family, and I have such wealth in all of those that the Lord has given me. As I watch my nearest walk with the Lord it truly makes me glad but I am privileged even more for many others call me 'dad'. I pray for these many “sons and daughters” that He has given me 'O Lord, may my life charge the flame in them – fuel for eternity'.

Gareth Evans


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