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In my many travels I have come across several men and women who have displayed the anointing of the Spirit upon their ministries. (Read again, Soapbox #3). However, there are only a few programs that have demonstrated the same anointing. The Lord seems to bless these programs wherever they are promoted, even in the most unexpected places. Among them I would consider The Jesus Film – produced by Campus Crusade in its many languages, and the Alpha Program.


Recently, I was involved with leading an Alpha Program. It was suggested by some that we should not include the video teaching about the gifts and workings of the Holy Spirit as it might ‘frighten off’ some potential believers. I would suggest that if we take someone’s anointed program and remove some item because of personal/doctrinal opinions, we also risk losing the anointing and we can ill afford to do that! When we deny the Holy Spirit’s ministrations, why should He then anoint our program?


I know of a Baptist Church where the pastor is not known as “a charismatic” but, in whose church there is such a one. The latter has conducted a couple of Alpha Programs in his small village in the past year, with the result that several new believers (most in the middle years!) have been baptized and received into the church – which now has the problem of ever-increasing numbers stretching their small chapel to its limits! They were certainly not frightened off!


Sadly, I also know of churches where the ‘frightening’ sessions have been left out!


In 1 Sam 24:6, David declares the reason why he will not permit his men to slay King Saul, even though the latter is now a mad man and David’s claim to the throne would surely be celebrated throughout Israel. He says, “I will not lay my hand against the Lord’s anointed!” We should be equally careful!

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