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As I grow older I tend to reminisce more. I think often of those men who spoke into my life, encouraging me in my walk – and often challenging me when they saw something not of Christ in my attitude. It wasn’t always pleasant but I can now thank the Lord for their words, even if the messenger was sometimes no better than I considered myself to be.


I spoke at an induction service a few years ago and I challenged the young pastor as I knew him to be “too people-oriented” to the point of ignoring his deeper need – that of spending quality time alone with God as he sought His leadership in preparing the Sunday message. “You must switch off your cell phone, lock your study door and do not come out until you have heard from God!” He might have taken offense at my direct words but, as he knew me well and made himself accountable to me, he became committed to my charge. Today, he told me what a great difference this has made in his life – both personal and ministerial.


Our church is planning a men’s retreat later this year. One of the planners told me that it had been suggested that I be their ‘speaker’ to which another replied – “but he’ll kick our butts!” I think it was said half-jokingly (at least I hope so!), but there come times when the church needs its butt to be kicked. We are called to produce soldiers and the discipline isn’t always nice. Isn’t it about time leaders began to demand and show the righteousness that their master demands?


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