While I was ill 2003-5 I started to write poems, some humerous, some serious.  I am including some here for your interest.

Riches of my Inheritance                  - my family

To see an Eagle fly                           - one who brings me much joy

Obedience better than Sacrifice       - why Moses could not enter the Promised land

The Covenant Meal                           - the deeper meaning of the bread & wine

If you want to see a Miracle              - we are all miracles

John's Measuring Rod                        - a simple gauge to spiritual health

Fuel for Eternity                                 - prayer that my life might impact others for eternity


Two in the Bed (humour)

I am a very humble man (humour)

To Bronnie & Peter (a wedding shower)

Hot Apple Pie (humour)

Holier than Thou! (humour)


My Precious Wife                               - presented to Anne at our 50th wedding anniversary

 Charles Wesley to George Whitefield - a challenge to all engaged in "vain disputations".

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