Victoria, Canada. January 20th 2004


 It is such a long time since I wrote my last newsletter. Much has happened in that time with both Anne and myself taking considerably longer to get over our 'sicknesses' than originally expected. I am still having difficulties in swallowing and have been back in hospital twice for dilation of the esophagus. The last time, about a month ago, my doctor ordered me into hospital for rehydration as I had lost quite a lot of weight - which I can ill afford to lose! I have eaten a few Tim Horton doughnuts but eating as slowly as I am now forced to do, doesn't make them as enjoyable as usual. I'm still in contact with my surgeon but my eating is improving and I anticipate being back to normal in another month or so.

Since my last letter I have had the joy of ministering at a camp with the university of Victoria IVCF (Intervarsity Christian Fellowship) and speaking at their Christmas banquet. They are an exciting group and I count myself privileged to be associated with them. This past Friday there were about 80 in attendance as one of their graduating students spoke on being a soldier for Christ. He spoke for about 90 minutes and held their attention for all that time. After he finished, more than half of them stayed in earnest prayer, including much weeping, until well after 11 pm when I left for home. You can imagine my joy as I walked home, to see such passion for the Lord among these young students. I truly believe that we are on the verge of revival and that it will come through the young people of our city and nation.

I still work with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) locally and give the devotional each week at their leaders' meeting. Currently we are running two schools in Victoria, one a DTS and the other a School of Prayer & Intercession.

As to my own ministry, I have invitations to teach at a DTS in Fortaleza, Brazil late in 2004 and anticipate possible trips to Cuba and Haiti. I June, Anne and I are expecting to go to Denver to meet up with our dear friends, Ade and Adeola Ajala as their church celebrates in anniversary. Meanwhile I enjoy my times mentoring young people here. I currently meet with three on a regular basis. It is such a privilege to be building into other believers' lives. My prayer for 2004 is 'Lord, make me fuel for eternity' meaning I want to be lighting fires in the souls of young people. I thank the Lord for my first pastor who 'lit a fire in my belly' that has never gone out.

Our daughters Corinne and Andrea, with their husbands and children, continue to enjoy good health and are active in their churches. Terry (Corinne's husband) is still much involved in Quiz meets with the youth of the Pacific District C & MA. Rob (Andrea's husband) is now the leader of the men's ministry at their church. Of course we already look forward to our next visit to Lynette and her family 'downunder' in two years time - what a blessing to have children who love the Lord!

We send our love to you all with best wishes for the Lord's richest blessings poured out on you - for the praise of His glory.

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