Victoria, Canada. Sept16th, 2003



As regards the church: When we arrived home I had a heavy burden to minister here in Victoria and not just when I'm 'on the road'. Thus it was that, with a close friend of many years ago, also a pastor, I have begun a new work. We wish to be a church committed to supporting other churches in the city and not be in competition with them. There have been just a few meetings and, while Bo and his wife are currently leading worship, I have taught simple series on 'The Church' and 'Marked Men'. These are not detailed Bible studies but ones designed to lay out some bases for the new fellowship.

On September 1st I had written that "Anne and I continue to be in good health though we both feel our age at times, especially after a day working in the garden! She goes to a gym each morning at 6am while I try to keep fit on a bicycle". Since then, this has changed as we are now both 'out of commission' for a while! Anne was visiting our Malasian daughter in Vancouver for a weekend of shopping, when she fell and broke her foot. A walking cast was put on after the swellings had gone down and she now spends much time with her leg elevated, watching TV and reading. Two days after her accident, I had a call to hospital for a long-awaited hiatus hernia operation, so I am in slow recovery, trying to eat a little more each day - quite difficult - and still feeling quite weak. The day I came out of hospital, Denis and Carolyn Israel from Australia arrived to start their holiday traveling throughout Canada. When downunder, I had boasted of the delights of Tim Hortons doughnuts and, now they were here, I had to sit and watch them eat while I couldn't! - O, the agony!! They stayed with us four wonderful days, then left and two guests from Japan arrived to take their place! So you can see how hectic a time we've had since the beginning of the month.

Working with young people as I have done all my life, tends to keep one young. I am still active with the local YWAM and Intervarsity groups and am privileged to have many 'sons & daughters' locally. I recently taught a series with YWAM on 'Forgiveness & Release' and will be conducting a retreat for IVCF next weekend. Anne continues to be a 'mum' to the students who live with us. Currently we have two young men from China and three Canadian students.

We cannot travel overseas again until next year, as this is my sixty-fifth year and my pension might be adversely affected if I am out of the country for more than six months in the year. This gives us good time to work on our garden and home, do the many other tasks necessary after being away for some time, and to entertain visitors. When are YOU coming?

Our daughters Corinne and Andrea, with their husbands and children, continue to enjoy good health and are active in their churches. Of course we already look forward to our next visit to Lynette and her family 'downunder' in two years time - what a blessing to have children who love the Lord!

We send our love to you all with best wishes for the Lord's richest blessings poured out on you - for the praise of His glory.

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