Canberra, Australia. March 1st 2003


Welcome to my first attempt at creating a web page. I am very grateful to Graham Pockett of Anointed Christian Links for setting this up for me and hope that you will find these pages encouraging and a blessing. 

Most of the pages will be samples of my teachings and I invite readers to write emails to me to develop some of the thoughts written there.  Please DO NOT send me long emails or attachments as I screen out any attachments over 50kb.

For you who know and pray for us: Anne and I are now in Australia visiting our daughter and her family.  We try to come every three years to see them, encouraged each time by knowing that our previous visits have been a blessing to many in the churches here. We have made many friends and we feel 'at home' in so many places.

Recently, we were at Capernwray Bible School in the southern highlands between Sydney and Canberra.  Fifty-four students are studying there, almost half of them from Canada!  I was invited to speak to them on 'The Humanity of Jesus'. It was a good time, though it rained almost all week.  From there, we journeyed to Sydney to speak at two church services and then encouraged young adults at a home Bible study. 

It was our joy to meet again with former crew members of the Anastasis, Mark (& Georgina) Kratochvil and Rebecca (& Matt) McCormack (nee Wierenga).  Mark was photographer on board and is now studying again to become a High School teacher; Rebecca was a nurse and is now qualified as a doctor, specialising in obstetrics.  We had such a warm welcome from both of them and their spouses.

Following that, Anne and I spent a weekend at Jindabine in the Snowy Mountains with staff and students from Canberra Theological College. Terrible fires had recently ravaged most of the Kosciusko National Park surrounding Jindabine, but our time together was sweet. We returned to Canberra refreshed and ready for our journey 1000 miles north to the Gold Coast and Brisbane. More on this in our next newsletter.

We shall be leaving Australia on April 16th, traveling via New Zealand en route to Victoria, Canada, and home.  In New Zealand, we shall spend a wonderful time with John & Marion Brignall, former engineer on board the M/V Anastasis, and Simon & Alison Cornwall. I have also been asked to speak at a church in Masterton, in the southern part of North Island. That will be a new place for us.

Keep in touch on line!

Anne joins me in sending our love to all of you around the world.


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