I have written three books in the hope that they might be a blessing to the church.  You can read  these books 'on-line' and are free to copy them and destribute without charge.   I also present a condensed version of McCrossan's classic book 'Christ's Paralysed Church X-rayed' and an on-going work 'Stepping Stones' giving testimony of the Lord's marvelous leadings in my life.

Soar Like the Eagle ( Every believer should be released into the ministry the Lord has for him/her. Only then can he/she know the anointing of God, experiencing the joy of 'soaring like the eagle'.)  Forward - Index - Ch1 (Flying High)    Ch2 (Love Gifts)    Ch3 (Doing it God's Way)    Ch4 (Reaching Your Destiny)    Ch5 (Vision) Ch6 (Burden)    Ch7 (Giftings)    Ch8 (Ministry)    Ch9 (Anointing)    Ch10 (Flying!)    Ch11 (Releasing Young Eagles)    Ch12 (Being Released).      Index for appendices - Appendices 1 & 2.     Sample Ministry Covenants: - youth worker - elders

He Holds my Tomorrows ("Without Faith, it is impossible to please God".  I believe the church has a very poor understanding of Faith - the gift and fruit of the Spirit.)  Title page, foreword and index - Ch1 (Controversy)    Ch2 (Three Kinds of Faith)    Ch3 (Walking by Faith)    Ch4 (Hearing God's Voice)    Ch5 (Hebrews 11)    Ch6 (Cain & Abel)    Ch7 (Enoch)    Ch8 (Noah)    Ch9 (Abraham)    Ch10 (Sarah)    Ch11 (The Confession of Faith)- Ch12 (Abraham Tested)    Ch13 (Isaac & Jacob)    Ch14 (Joseph)    Ch15 (Moses)    Ch16 (Rahab)    Ch17 (What more shall I say?).

The Key in My Hand (The secret to healing from so many of the wounds we experience - by 'releasing' those who have wounded us.)  Title page - Ch1 (Priorities)    Ch2 (A Covenant People)    Ch3 The Body of Christ)    Ch4 (The Tragic Truth)    Ch5 Devices of Satan)    Ch6 (The Wounded Soul)    Ch7 (Our Response)    Ch8 (Unneeded Baggage)    Ch9 (The Rock of Offense)    Ch10 (The Key to Release)    Ch11 (Heaven is Opened)    Ch12 (Jesus the Healer)    Ch13 (Walking out your Healing).

Christ's Paralysed Church X-rayed (this is a condensed version of the 'classic' by T.J.McCrossan, now out of print)

Stepping Stones (an on-going record).  Foreword and index - Ch1 (Stepping Stones)    Ch2 (The Journey Begins)    Ch3 ("I will go before you")    Ch4 (Go forth, young man!)    Ch5 (The Pearl of the Orient)    Ch6 (Busy! Busy! Busy!)    Ch7 (Opportunities Abound)    Ch8 ("Give us a shove, Lord!")    Ch9 (Canada Calling)    Ch10 (Jehovah Jireh - Our Provider)   Ch11 (The Letter of Standing)    Ch12 (Type A - Specialist)   Ch13 (The Application)    Ch14 (Toronto Hebrew Academy)   Ch15 ("So that's what it means!")    Ch16 ("My Word shall not return void")    Ch17 (Faith - a Sovereign Gift)    Ch18 Witness of the Brethren)    Ch19 (Hazelglen Fellowship)    Ch20 (Sidney, BC)    Ch21 (M/V Anastasis)    Ch22 (God's Broken Heart)    Ch23 (A Call to Africa)    Ch24 (Touching Our Roots)   Ch25 (Opening Doors)    Ch26 (Many Invitations to Itinerant Ministry)    Ch 27 (On the Road to Varanasi)    Ch28  (Ministry in Brazil)   Ch29 (A Very Full Year)   Ch30 (Into A New Millenium)  Ch31 (2002)  Ch32 (The Long Valley of Weakness - 2003/4)   Ch33 (Ministry in the Valley - 2004/5)  Ch34 (Renewed like the eagle - 2006/7)  Ch35 (Greg Gordon & Sermonindex 2005/7)  Ch36 (Sermonindex anointing 2007/8) Ch37 (The big C 2008/9)  Ch38 (Touching myRoots 2009) Ch39 (Links with the past) Ch40 (50th Anniversary).

The following are pdf versions suitable for downloading to an e-book reader.

Soar Like the Eagle

Stepping Stones 

He Holds my Tomorrows

The Key in my Hand

Christ's Paralysed Church X-Rayed (condensed version)

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